“I love Golden Wings Wellness. The owner/practitioner Joanna is not only very knowledgeable, she is understanding, caring and compassionate. She is always researching new avenues to help her clients. Joanna is completely devoted to the well being of her clients and family. She is one of a kind and very special.
I am one of her devoted clients.”  Sharon, Arizona

“Joanna at Golden Wings Wellness changed my life. I suffered from sleep issues for years, my mom and my grandfather both suffer from the same insomnia, the kind where you can not fall asleep initially, so I thought that my problem was genetic. Then a girlfriend of mine told me about the amazing success she had with this nutritionist in treating her baby blues, then another friend told me about this same nutritionist (Joanna) and her amazing recovery from having a parasite, so I decided I would give it a shot and see if there was any hope for me. Joanna was amazingly knowledgeable and while things were so unorthodox from the kind of western treatments I was used to, I felt very confident that things would improve after my initial consultation with Joanna. And I was right. Within a month I was sleeping normally, without sleep aids or wine, for the first time since high school (14 years!) I continued with the adrenal treatments she had me on along with the other supplements for imbalances in my system, and within a year I no longer needed the adrenal regulators and I have slept normally, soundly, and unaided ever since. I also saw Joanna for nutritional support during my pregnancy, which I contribute to never having morning sickness and having a very healthy pregnancy. It is amazing what she can find in your body’s energy and correct naturally. Thank you Joanna and staff at Golden Wings Wellness!!!”  Erica, San Diego

“I have been seeing Joanna at Golden Wings wellness for about 3 years.
She has been very helpful with a lot my health issues.
I am so glad that I found her. She’s a very genuine and kind person who really cares about her clients. I recommend her to all my family and friends.”  Marisa, San Diego

“My experience and journey with Joanna has been amazing. Beyond her incredible knowledge is her love, kindness and passion that she shares. She always gives her whole heart and undivided attention each and every time we are together. I always leave confident with the information and suggestions she has given and can truly say I feel amazing! I’ve seen Joanna almost a year and have seen such positive changes in my overall health and well being. She always gets back to me when I have any questions or concerns. I just had a baby and Joanna was there for me the entire way and continues to offer her amazing advice as we enter this new chapter together. I’m so grateful for Joanna not only professionally but more importantly as a true friend.”  Kristen, San Diego

“I’m a 64-year-old woman who pretty much drilled myself into the ground the first 40 years of my life. Standard American diet, too much social drinking, over exercising, stressful job without managing the stress, etc. My poor treatment of myself showed up first in the digestion. As the gut began to misbehave, the adrenals refused to bounce back as they used to, and sleeping well became a thing of the past. I pushed and dragged on, thinking “so this is what aging feels like.” By 1997 I’d developed leaky gut, and its inherent food sensitivities; experienced inept dentistry leaving me with a dead tooth in my head for years and many old mercury amalgam fillings; broken my tailbone two different times; and had surgery which caused menopause. I started reading health-related books and newsletters and seeing doctors and alternative practitioners.”

“For a few years I had been on the right path regarding healthy eating, supplements and exercise. However I started to feel like I was relying on generalized information. With Joanna I feel like the information she provides is specific to me and only me. She is so caring and compassionate. Her knowledge and advice are amazing. She has a gift and we are all fortunate that she has chosen to share it.”  Anonymous

“I am especially grateful to have found Joanna. Her wide ranging skill set and sensitivity are strongly supported by impressive credentials and degree’s. I have experienced personally, as well as observed others, success in resolving health issues.”  Anonymous, San Diego

“After many years of a chronic UTI condition, repeated courses of antibiotics, and the same responses from traditional medicine, a friend encouraged me to visit Joanna and Golden Wings Wellness. My condition started to improve immediately. I am so grateful to Joanna and her approach to recovery and wellness. My experience truly turned my life around. “  Ellen – Rancho, San Diego

“Golden Wings Wellness has provided outstanding and immeasurable personal care and concern for my individual health issues. Johanna’s knowledge, training and education have given her the ability to improve the health of her clients without using drugs and/or toxic materials. She is truly a remarkable and talented alternative health care provider. GWW has allowed me to discard several prescribed medications that were not helping my symptoms, but instead were filling my body with chemicals & toxins which affected my organs and cells.”  CW

“Joanna has worked on all 3 of my children as well as myself. She is incredibly thorough and gentle in her approach. She explains each step of the process and puts you at ease. I am so thankful for the time she invested in our family and the knowledge she has imparted as we strive to make our bodies healthy.”  Tabitha, ID