Atlantis Medallion 1 1/4 “

The Atlantis Medallion™ is a powerful field coherent technology as well as a thought-interactive radionic device, continually upgraded with frequency protection. It restores balance and coherence (orderliness) to the body’s physiology and energetic field. This then allows the innate creative intelligence of our body and consciousness to be wholly activated and expressed, providing nourishment, rejuvenation and regeneration for a wide variety of issues. It strengthens the body’s physiology and energy field, while providing powerful protection from electro-magnetic pollution, geopathic stress, ELF broadcasting, HAARP, biological warfare, etc.

The Atlantis Medallion protects the energy field and balances the chakras.

It is believed that all varieties of abalone (including paua) strengthen the body as well as the heart. If a person wears jewelry made from paua shells, it is said that he can express his feelings to others articulately. They are believed to bring sensitivity, harmony, and connectivity in relationships. As this shell is found in a number of colors, it represents the beauty of life, which is ‘change’ that we experience every day.

Each Atlantis Medallion varies in color patterns due to the vibrant, catchy, and iridescent colors of its shell; they come in various kinds of huesright from green and blue, to pink, purple, and golden.

We can email you a picture of the different medallions we have in stock upon request.