Medi-Body Bath Powder (25 oz)


Medi-Body Bath® is the ultimate cleansing bath of the 21st century! It contains premium quality cleansing agents, including sea vegetation, minerals, clay and essential oils used for centuries by other cultures to promote skin cleansing and beauty. It features organic fucus (a form of sea vegetation). This bath formula is the premier generation in cleansing excellence. Experience the power first-hand for yourself.

Our specialized formula initiates the “thermal effect,” which is a deep, intrinsic cleansing effect. Medi-Body Bath® uses only premier quality ingredients.

Gentle, Detoxifying, Electrolyte Foot or Body Bath. The Medi-Body Bath provides extraordinary, body-wide replacement and restoration of key natural-source electrolytes and other minerals. Full body detox of any stagnant toxins.

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