Medi-Dental Pack Powder (5 oz)


The Medi-Dental Pack is an effective, cleansing dental pack which contains premium quality bentonite clay and zeolite minerals. High quality clays and minerals have been used for centuries in many cultures to promote cleansing. In the past, certain sources were highly prized for their amazingly diverse cleansing effects. Bentonite is a smectite clay that has been formed through volcanic activity.

It exhibits a unique crystalline structure. These crystalline molecules act as transducers of light frequencies to encourage the cleansing process. Smectite clay has a unique, natural sorptive power with cleansing properties. Once the clay mixture of this product has been used for cleansing of the oral cavity, its unique sorptive power has been exhausted so it is best to discard and not re-use it. Please enjoy the powerful effects of this excellent pack.

The Medi-Dental Pack is a blend of European silica-based montmorillinite and calcium-based zeolite. This is particularly important for detoxification in the oral cavity of toxic dental materials and metal ions which may have lodged in mucus membranes or gum tissue.

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