Miracle Propolis Toothpaste With Tea Tree Oil (6.4 oz)


Miracle Propolis Toothpaste With Tea Tree Oil (6.4 oz)

Miracle, natural oral care for health and beauty. Combination of maximum strength Propolis & Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste. Doctor Recommended with No Fluoride or foaming agents. For Cavities, canker sores, bleeding gums and the Freshest Breath you’ll ever have!!!!

Why It Works – Bee Propolis & Tea Tree Oil:

Maximum strength Bee Propolis is a prominent ingredient in Holocuren products. The flavonoid properties of bee Propolis have an anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory chemical composition, a powerful natural wonder drug that attacks only harmful microbes and selectively leaves alone the mouth’s necessary bacteria. There is also evidence that the Propolis compounds are powerful against anti-biotic resistant bacteria for total effectiveness. Propolis is a naturopathic substance recently praised for its biologically active wound healing properties. Having been in existence for 125 million years, this extremely bio-diverse natural substance produced by bees has been used by healers in ancient cultures for centuries. Nutrient enriched Propolis inhibits the development of unwanted microorganisms by immobilizing the infectious bacteria. In addition to Propolis having natural medicinal qualities, it was recommended on TV by Dr. Oz as being a miracle cure for dry lips.