Buckwheat For Dinner

Enjoy a new tasty dinnertime addition– buckwheat! It’s easy to make and “sticks to your ribs”! Buckwheat goes well with vegetables to round out a delicious dinner. Buckwheat is rich in sulfur-based amino acids, unlike any other grain. This means that its sulfur donor groups can help detoxify aromatic petrochemicals and other toxic chemicals which may have accumulated in your body. In addition to being a tasty treat, buckwheat helps keep you detoxified!


1/3 cup Organic Buckwheat Groats (per person) 1 cup purified water (per person)
Premier Pink Salt to taste

Our favorite additions:
1/3 cup chopped raw onions; bell pepper, mushroom, cilantro or parsley
1 tbsp. Organic ghee (clarified butter) or Premier Sesame Oil or Premier Olive Oil,
2 capsules Turmeric (open capsules into buckwheat after cooking) Other Options: add a bit of raw dulse or nori, fresh oregano, etc.



Bring the water to a boil.

Place the buckwheat groats in the water and cook on medium heat for exactly 5 minutes.

Stir the buckwheat once or twice during this time.

After 5 minutes, turn the heat off, but keep the buckwheat covered in the pan for another 8 minutes (this allows time for the buckwheat to fully “open up” into small rounded “pearls” with minimum heating.)

After 8 minutes, stir in the chopped onions, 2 capsules of turmeric (open capsules) and ghee – or use other condiments as desired).

Add to taste. Enjoy!

For extra flavor, add a tablespoon of (see recipe) or organic butter, or a bit of organic feta cheese.

How to Get the Best Quality Buckwheat
Our source of was selected by using QRA™ testing. Unfortunately, we found many sources of buckwheat (even some organic ones) tested poorly. However, with QRA™ testing, we were able to select the best possible source of buckwheat.

Whole grain salads; Jan'12; Farro buckwheat; FS=Kevin Crafts