Delicious Rice Dish


1 cup Premier Brown Basmati Rice
2 to 3 cups purified water
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon natural, unheated sea salt (Premier Pink Salt)

Optional: Quantum Turmeric (open 1 or 2 capsules) or other organic herbs

For best results, soak the rice overnight (4 to 8 hours) in purified water.
Throw out the soak water.
Place the soaked rice and new water together in a pan.
Cook (with the lid on) over low heat for approximately 10 minutes only, stirring occasionally so the rice will not stick to the bottom of the pan. Then turn the heat off, but allow the rice to remain in the pan covered. (This allows rice to further absorb the water, while retaining its healthy factors.)
After 10 minutes, remove the rice from the pan and serve. Goes great with steamed veggies, Indian ghee or Premier Sesame Oil or Premier Olive Oil.

Add Premier Pink Salt to taste.


Note: Soaking the rice in purified water (for a few hours or overnight) neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors (helping to eliminate digestive problems) and also cuts the cooking time in half.