Flat Bread


1 cup organic whole wheat flour (soaked overnight, then freshly ground) 1 cup purified water
2 tablespoons Premier Olive Oil
Optional: 2 teaspoons baking powder (Rumford’s)
1/4 teaspoon Premier Pink Salt — or to taste
Optional: fresh chopped herbs, chopped onion,

1 or 2 capsules of Tumeric (open capsules), etc.
Optional Topping: 1-2 tablespoons — Mediterranean Organic Strawberry Preserves

Flat bread is not only easy to make, but is a delicious addition to almost any meal. We also recommend it as a good-tasting, satisfying snack. We use a TurboBlend 4500 , a special high-speed heavy-duty blender, to grind the grain first and then blend in the rest of the ingredients. From start to finish will take you only a few minutes! And of course, you can feel really good knowing that you are making “healthy food” for yourself and your family.

The pre-ground whole wheat flours that we have tested from various stores and companies all tested rancid. Once you split the kernel, the oxidation of the wheat germ begins. When you buy pre-ground flours, it has typically been at least several weeks that is has been ground.

Once you grind your own flour, you must use it within 24 hours or it, too, will slowly become rancid. Your best bet is to grind what you will use for that day only. Then you will have 100% fresh, non-oxidized, delicious whole wheat flour! So-called “allergic” reactions to wheat may often be nothing more than your body negatively reacting to oxidized, rancid wheat.

Try fresh-ground wheat and you won’t want to change! In addition, it is important to soak the wheat (for a few hours or overnight in purified water) to neutralize the naturally present enzyme inhibitors.

Why is it called “Flat Bread”?
We do not recommend the use of yeast in your diet. There- fore, we call this “flat bread” because it does not rise, as bread does with the use of yeast. We do add baking powder so that the bread does rise a little but not as much as regular bread. Once you try this recipe, we think it will become one of your favorites.

Grind the whole wheat berries for 1-2 minutes on “High” speed, until they are finely powdered into flour.
One cup of wheat berries will yield approximately 1 1/3 cups of flour.
Measure out 1 cup of flour and put back into blender.
Add water, olive oil, salt and any optional ingredients.
Blend all the ingredients together in your TurboBlend until you have a smooth consistency.

Pour some of the batter on a low or medium-heat frying pan and cook until done (a minute or two), much like cooking pancakes. You may use a small amount of olive oil to lubricate the pan. For thinner pieces of flat bread, roll the batter around on the frying pan to spread out further while cooking. That’s it! You’re finished!

Eat your flat bread plain, with a slice of ghee or butter, some Homemade Sour Cream (see recipe) or roll one of them up with some fresh fruit. You’ll really enjoy a dollop or two of our exquisite Mediterranean preserves, such as Mediterranean Organic Strawberry or Organic Black, Cherry Preserves. You may also use it like regular bread — for example, wrap up a vegetable salad in it for lunch. Enjoy!