Flaxseed Cheese

3 cups Premier Flax Seed meal (made from grinding 2 cups of flax seeds)
1 1⁄2 cups Rejuvex (Add more to make the cheese softer)
2 teaspoons organic kelp or Premier Pink Salt


  • Mix all ingredients together. Next knead and mash into a glass dish to a height of about 1 to 2 inches high. Then cover dish with a loose top.
  • Set aside at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours. (We keep ours on our warming plate for 24 hours for rapid ripening.) (You may let it ferment a bit longer for a more tangy taste, but if you keep it out too long, it turns bitter.) Then refrigerate to stop the fermentation process.
  • Slice for serving. Makes a great hearty breakfast or a wonderful bread-like cheese to go with dinner. Drizzle with organic date syrup for a sweet treat. Goes well with dates and figs.

Note: Flaxseed cheese will keep up to 3 weeks, even out of refrigeration if kept tightly rolled in plastic in temperatures under 80o.