Homemade Oatmeal

Hearty Oat Groat Breakfast
Ingredients (Per person)
1/3 cup organic whole oat groats
1 1/3 cups purified water (or raw, organic whole cow’s milk) Premier Pink Salt — to taste

This delicious hearty breakfast is easy to make and takes under 10 minutes to prepare, start to finish. Once the oat kernel (called an oat groat) is smashed, the natural oils contained in the groat immediately begin to oxidize.

Examples of these pre-smashed oat groats are rolled oats, stone-ground oats and steal-cut oats. There- fore, regardless of the method used to make oatmeal, by the time you buy it, it is an inferior product because of the oxidation process. Avoid consuming these rancid oils. Refrain from buying pre-smashed oats or other grains.

It is easy and nutritionally superior to grind the oats right before you use them (either as an oatmeal breakfast or for use in other recipes). A TurboBlend (a heavy-duty super blender/grinder) or Ultimate Chopper can be used to grind the oats.

1. Grind the 1/3 cup of oat groats in a TurboBlend or high-speed blender for about 40 seconds or until the oat groats become flour. For creamy oatmeal, grind the oats until they are well-powdered. For chunky or “steel cut”- type of oatmeal, grind the oats for a slightly lesser amount of time (so that they are still a little grainy). Experiment with this a few times and you will get the consistency which you most prefer for your oatmeal.

2. Place 1 1/3 cups purified water (or milk) in a nontoxic sauce pan (such as Premier Waterless Cookware) and add the powdered oat groats. Turn on medium heat and stir fairly consistently for approximately three to five minutes, until the oats become like a thickened oatmeal. If you prefer a thinner consistency for your oatmeal, add more water.

3. Serve with butter and salt to taste. We recommend only raw unsalted butter and natural, sun-dried sea salt called  Premier Pink Salt.

If desired, sprinkle on some raw, unprocessed brown sugar such as Premier Natural Sugar Granules. Bon appetit! This is one of our favorite, easy-to-make recipes. Enjoy it often. This is a wonderful way to start out your day.