Hot (Raw) Soup

Raw Pureed Veggies In Hot Soup
Quick, Easy and Delicious!

1 cup organic tomato juice (made from Tomato Powder) or fresh tomatoes
1/4 cup purified water
1 cup of organic raw vegetables (such as broccoli, zucchini, celery, etc.) Natural sea salt to taste (Premier Pink Salt)

Optional: organic herbs such as Turmeric (open 1 or 2 capsules) or other herbs

Mix the tomato juice and water together in a sauce pan and bring to a high simmer or low boil (must be piping hot). Then simply pour the liquid into a TurboBlend 4500 (a super heavy-duty blender/grinder). Next, add the cup of vegetables to the TurboBlend. Blend the liquid and vegetables together until it is a creamy mixture (approximately 30 seconds).

The TurboBlend  will completely pulverize the vegetables into a thick consistency — which blends perfectly with the tomato juice. No kids (or adults) will complain about “broccoli”! Pour into inpidual soup bowls for a great treat. Voila! You have one of the best-tasting hot soups in town! Plus the healthy benefits of raw veggies. You may add a dash of raw garlic, fresh herbs, powdered herbs or additional natural sea salt (Premier Pink Salt ).

Drink Your Salad
This HOT SOUP recipe is a perfect dish to precede your main dish or as a snack. It is very quick to make and amazingly good-tasting. Another big plus is that it is the perfect way to include raw vegetables into a meal — that’s right, raw vegetables! The raw vegetables are ground right into the soup for a full-bodied flavor. We’ve never had a complaint — even for those who don’t like raw salads or vegetables — because your taste buds can’t tell that it’s raw!

More and more research is emphasizing the need for the intact, rich, raw enzymes in our diets which are contained ONLY in raw food. Raw food such as raw vegetables are full of vital, living vitamins and minerals that are destroyed with heat. HOT SOUP is a great way to “sip” your vegetables.

One of our favorites is adding 1 medium-sized zucchini to make the HOT SOUP. (We don’t even bother to cut the zucchini up, since the TurboBlend will quickly pulverize it into HOT SOUP.) Other possibilities are fresh, raw cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onion, or rapini (the flowering tops of broccoli which have a delicious spicy taste).

Be creative with different combinations. Experiment by adding a little more tomato juice to give your soup a thinner consistency — or add less water for an even thicker soup. Instead of tomato juice as the base of the soup, try steamed potatoes (which become creamy when blended). Remember, use Russet potatoes only (which are on to all four polarities).

Special Notes
1. If you do not have a TurboBlend, you may try using a regular blender. However, only a TurboBlend  will give you a finely blended, creamy consistency for your soups.  It’s easy and quick to use, saving you a lot of time every day.

2. We do not recommend most store-bought produce (which is typically highly saturated with pesticides/chemical residues, storage sprays, in-store cleaner residues, and then dowsed with tap water when on display).

We recommend home-grown produce (from your own natural backyard garden) or produce from your local farmers’ markets (which is often fresher, grown with fewer or no sprays, no in-store storage sprays, and has a higher nutrient value). Unfortunately, much of the “certified organic” produce tends to test very poorly (due to cultivation on mineral-poor soil, transport/storage chemicals and toxic, in-store cleaning procedures).